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    I am not the author of this tweak but I discovered the tweak while googling something completely unrelated to it.

    Removes or alters the status bar time like we've all been waiting for. Screenshot attached.

    Add the following source to your Cydia sources: http://hitoriblog.com/apt/
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] Status Bar Time Removed - iOS 4.2.1-img_0203.png   [RELEASE] Status Bar Time Removed - iOS 4.2.1-img_0204.png   [RELEASE] Status Bar Time Removed - iOS 4.2.1-img_0205.png  
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    2011-01-18 09:15 PM
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    Also, here is a list of my tweaks and whatnot incase any of you all were interested in my setup!

    - iPhone 4
    - iOS 4.2.1

    - Wallpaper (Designed myself as I am a 30 Seconds To Mars fan)
    - Carrier Logo (I am a designer for We Are PAPER TIGER | A Creative Arts Company)
    - Status Bar (Designed to match wallpaper)

    - Activator
    - FakeClockUp (2.0x)
    - FolderEnhancer (no folder background, folder name, or folder icon)
    - LockInfo (using Clock plugin and removed section header background image)
    - Move LockScreen to Unlock
    - Multifl0w (expose style. card style is a little finicky to me)
    - Shrink (all icons at 75% with "whiter" labels, dock icons aligned to bottom, no page dots, other icons aligned to center)
    - StatusBarCustomClock4 (the tweak this thread is about)
    - Winterboard (custom theme I compiled of my own and others elements)

    - Notified Pro (swipe down from status bar) - I redesigned the tab at the bottom from the original because I felt it was not doing any justice to the pulldown.
    - SBSettings (swipe right from status bar)

    I think that's everything. if any of you have any questions on my stuff feel free to ask.
    2011-01-18 09:41 PM
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    the source doesn't work for me, it seems to be down. Any other source that has this mod? I need it desperately.

    I tried sbsettings status bar hide, but it only removes the status bar when not in applications. I keep looking at the clock all the time, I have an OCD thing.
    2011-01-23 02:59 PM
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    Can you upload the wallpaper please?

    Also is there anyway to get that clock you have on your lockscreen but goes back to default when you unlock the phone? Basically I want my phone to look like the first picture but then back to normal when unlocked.

    EDIT: Probably would help if I read the thread. Sorry lol.
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    2011-01-23 06:00 PM
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    2011-01-24 05:28 PM
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    Can you upload the status bar? Nice setup
    2011-01-24 08:35 PM
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    click the wallpaper link in my last reply! there's a link for the wallpaper download and statusbar.
    2011-01-24 08:36 PM
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    click the wallpaper link in my last reply! there's a link for the wallpaper download and statusbar.
    That site seems to be down as well,any more links for the theme?
    If I helped you at all don't be afraid to hit that Thanks button
    2011-01-26 12:58 AM
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    Clock works- just remove line of type that has date/hours and respring. It will not work if you use SBSettings Free Memory, though. One or the other. But the site works and the app works. Thanks! Now if someone figures out a way to color the type in the status bar, I might put the clock back. Step by step.
    2011-02-05 09:07 AM
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    Does anyone know if this works on 4.3.2? I just upgraded and re-jailbroke, (and had to re-add my tweaks from scratch) but the custom clock doesn't seem to work.

    Any help much appreciated.

    2011-04-26 04:51 PM