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    OK guys, there are tons of themes out there and we all know that whichever theme you choose, there are always some icons that you need that are not included in that particular theme.

    So, what I am doing is this...
    1. Access selected theme icons using i-Funbox.
    2. Copy an icon from this theme to desktop to use as a template.
    3. Access missing icon from theme using i-Funbox and copy it to desktop as well. Example, the theme I am wanting to use does not include an icon for YPmobile so I have copied this icon from its application folder to my desktop.
    4. Now I take the YPmobile icon, shrink it down a little and paste it into my template icon that I copied from the selected theme.
    5. Using i-Funbox, i copy the new YPmobile icon into the theme and respring and voila, my new icon is there.

    One problem, the new icon is showing the "white" corners around the black icon border. See included picture. WHY? How do I get the white corners to disappear?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Customize ANY Icon Question-img_0090.jpg
    2011-02-09 04:15 PM