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    Hi guys,

    I installed the backboard deb file which was downloaded from here via winscp and the command terminal on there. Resprung my device and as you can see lost the ability to see my thumbnail apps inside my folders. And also I have an animated weather theme on w/b but not selected and now have cloud floating across my screen.
    Any help would be great please.
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    2011-03-02 06:48 PM
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    Ok guys, i found out it wasn't deb file but after i installed the DeZore theme. I've deleted the Animated Waether, but any ideas what I need to delete to get my thumbnails back so i can see them again inside my folder??
    2011-03-02 11:29 PM
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    I would begin unistalling files until they come back & if they don't, you will need to restore your device. Which might be the case.

    Unless someone knows what the file that was mistakenly edited was.

    Btw start with themes.
    2011-03-03 07:17 AM
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    Yeah, I thought it might of been the themes. So I deleted them all and still no joy.

    So I then found that that the animated weather was installed to
    var/mobile or somewhere similar.

    So my thinking is that the file or p.list that makes my folder the way they are, would be installed somewhere. Just a case of finding it.
    Also, when I activated the DeZiee them, my folders became transparent and I couldn't see them. So I might end up having to contact the theme creator and asking him of nobody else can help me.

    Everything else is fine so I'm not going to restore. Don't seem much point IMO.
    2011-03-03 12:29 PM
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    ive sortes the problem for anybody see who wants to know

    Go to sbsetting, press the more button and then go to mobilesubstrate and turn off NoFolderPreview

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    2011-03-04 04:05 PM