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    Hey guys, I've got ToneFX and I love how simple it is to use.

    However, I'm having a problem with a sound I'm trying to use for Foursquare. It's an mp3 file, and when I select it for Foursquare (on the phone), it plays perfectly fine. But whenever I get a notification from Foursquare, the phone just vibrates. No notification sound.

    Don't really know what to test. Any ideas?

    It's ToneFX Pro, btw. Not sure if that makes a difference.

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    2011-05-10 05:18 AM
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    Well i believe sounds need to be in .Caf format ( SMS/system tones )
    you can covert within intunes to aiff, then to caf later on

    then ssh into your device and place accordingly
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    2011-05-12 08:25 PM
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    Ive got a question regarding tonefx pro too...i chose a sound to play for sms incoming, which plays fine, but the phone also plays the original tone i had selected under iphone settings/ringtones. So when i recieve a text, my chosen tonefx ringtone begins to play, then this ringtone goes quieter and the default iphone sms tone plays e.g tri-tone, and then my tonefx sound perks up and continues from where it left off. Any help?
    2011-10-02 07:09 PM
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    I don't know if you've solved your problem. I'm running 4.3.3 iPhone 4 AT&T I have similar problem but with ringtones. The SMS works great. I have it cycle between 6 tones of my own (no iOS) My ringtones on the other hand I have to use the default iOS setting, but luckily ringtones from cydia go to your phones ringtones so its not much of problem. Have you purchased toneFxPro Not a hack (free) version.
    2011-10-10 12:02 AM