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    So back when iOS 4 came out and the slew of new text tones came with it I asked if these were able to be changed like we could with the standard six tones that came with the phone. The answer I got was not easily, or not at all.

    Aparantly, someone (an absolute genius) did just this not too long ago and released such a theme on Cydia (named "Zelda SMS") which carries 24 new tones (all named in the file folder the names of the new text tones on the phone along with the standard six) but included in a "Bundles" folder with a pLIST and ABStrings file which I am assuming carries the code to do this wonderful thing. When applied in Winterboard the entire Text Tones settings is changed to a simple list of 24 tones AND it renames them to a custom name.

    What I would like to do is use this frame work to put in my own 24 text tones that I made and rename them accordingly, so I need to edit the ABStrings file or the pLIST file (as I am not sure which of these actually does this wonderous thing). So my question is which one do I need to play with, what program would I need to edit it... and is there anything else I should know about editing this kind of coding?
    2011-05-23 06:45 PM
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    2011-05-25 01:34 AM