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    I have a question that may be stupid. im trying to figure out which restore to use. i have the 3gs and im currently using firmware redsnow 0.96rc8. im trying to change the restore to ipsw but i can't find where its located on this site, so i can chage it. my second question is. is it ok to upgrade to the new and latest itunes im still learning about new baseband. i don't want the ipad broadband i want to keep my iphone base band i think it called. once i upgrade to this 4.3.3 will that keep me from downgrading to the previous firmware if i need to for any reason. from what ive been reading and seeing on youtube you have to use a custome firmware. its so much information i don't know where to start.. plz someone help. what is the new restore to use. i have the new
    redsnow 0.9.6rc17 and thats it.
    2011-05-27 02:45 AM