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    0777, not 077

    I recently had a problem with backups for my phone (iPhone 4 CDMA) so I jailbroke it, restored an old backup with all my texts and camera roll, copied the SMS fodler and the DCIM folder to my computer, restore my phone, re-jailbroke it, and then copied the folders back **while setting them to 0777 recursively so they would work properly. *I was dumb and did not right down the original permissions.**

    So now I can backup my phone and it is a clean slate except for my texts and camera roll, just how I wanted it. *However, I wanted to know if setting the permissions of these folders to 0777 could have any consequences.

    If someone could tell me the true permissions of these folders that would be great too

    Also, after backing up and restoring the "clean" backup, the permissions of these folders are still 0777, so iTunes did not reset the permissions when I restored from backup, it kept them like I set them.

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