1. skywalker135's Avatar
    While it is possible to set the double clicking the home button to bring up the ipod mini player on iOS 4.2, it only works when music is playing. If music is paused, double clicking the home button brings up the ipod app. With iOS 3.0 and earlier, even if music was paused or completely stopped, double clicking the home button would still bring up the ipod mini player.
    How would I go about making this happen again? Its a very nice feature to have so you dont need to close your current app to have music start playing again.
    2011-07-06 01:52 AM
  2. thedeftoneskidd's Avatar
    I believe they might have changed that with the new firmwares. I have an iPod touch running 3.1 and I can do it on that one, but my iPhone is 4.2 and it's different. the only thing I can suggest is the multitasking. I notice that once you double click home, the slider dock pops up at the bottom and if you go left, it shows the iPod music controls. hope this helps
    2011-07-20 08:36 PM