1. spg0910's Avatar
    I have IPhone with 4.2 and cannot get my own wallpaper on homescreen. I followed directions and I put the transparent analog mod in the correct place in i file but all I get is a question mark in middle of screen.
    2011-07-25 07:55 AM
  2. DanieAndMe's Avatar
    Go Into iFile And Into This Directory
    /var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx/Timeless HD
    Once Your There You Will Find The Files Wallpaper.png & [email protected]
    Delete Both.
    Go Into Winterboard Deselect Then Reselect Timeless HD & Respring.
    2011-07-25 11:43 PM
  3. spg0910's Avatar
    I have one file "your wallpaper.png" are you saying if i delete this I can use camara roll to select from camera roll .Every wallpaper I find in the iphone wallpapers apps goes to camera roll so I t can not be renamed.
    2011-07-26 10:22 AM
  4. Irish_Man's Avatar
    Ooops...wrong thread
    2014-07-02 05:00 PM