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    I have Bliss theme installed on my 3Gs w/4.2 and I downloaded the 360 browser app and would like to add an icon to the bliss theme for it. I have already overwritten the exsisting app icon with what I want, but if youre familiar with the Bliss theme all the app icons are minimalistic with transparency around them so they dont have big black squares or anything around them. I added the alpha map to my icon and moved it to the app folder and it doesnt use the alpha in the png. So there has to be a file or written code in the Bliss theme that uses the alpha levels in the png icons.

    I added my icon to the Bliss theme icon folder, but Im missing a line of code or something somewhere that says use the icon in the bliss theme folder over the one in the native app folder.

    Can anyone help me out here?
    2011-08-06 11:41 PM