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    "Search iPhone" is effin lame. Here is a way to change this text string and other sliders, buttons, and notifications directly from yr idevice via iFile. Obviously u will need iFile obtainable in Cydia (foooo freeee). When download and install is complete you are going to open up iFile, it will open up in "/var/mobile". You will want to select the "var" button in the upper left corner opposite the "edit" button. Select the same button (which will now be "/"). Now you will see multiple folders to select, the one your going to select is entitled "System". Now select the folders as follows >> Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.apps/English.lproj. Now you will have about 4 options to select from SpringBoard.strings being the one u want to select. When u select this folder u will click "Text Viewer" which will take u to a long long list of text strings.

    To change your Spotlight text string, scroll down (they are in alphabetical order btw) until u see "SEARCH_BAR_PLACEHOLDER". You will see directly to the right of this "Search %@" you will want to change what is inside the quotations ONLY!! Select "Edit in the upper left corner and use yr magnifying glass to pinpoint exactly where u want to change text (tap and hold for mag glass to appear) If you do alter anything outside the " " then this will result in a "Thunder [email protected]#cking"!! (deletion of parts of springboard)

    Once you are satisfied with your text string, select the "Save" button in the upper right corner then "Done" and respring yr device may require reboot but i have never had to.

    Other text string u can change r:
    -Power_Down_Lock_Label (this is the "Power off slider" when sleep button is held down) suggestion: "Self Destruct"
    -Power_Down_Cancel (this is the "Cancel" button for power off slider) suggestion: "in 5 seconds...)
    -And any others u want to change idc
    -TIP: write down any text strings u alter BEFORE u change them in case sumthing goes wrong u can change it back.

    -UPDATE: some tweaks like springtomize-slider text will conflict with the iFile changes
    -Good Luck, taymo
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    How do you change the "text message" on the text screen?

    I changed everything that says SMS and still won't change anything.
    2012-01-19 01:25 AM
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    man thanks so much
    2012-03-20 11:23 PM