1. bologna's Avatar
    Hello. I have a 3GS that, due to limited SHSH files, is only able to have iOS 4.1 and still be jailbroken/unlocked/untethered. So I'm really stuck on 4.1, no way around that right now.

    The only real feature beyond 4.1 that I really would like is AirPlay.

    This is where I select music on the iPhone, such as via Pandora or iPod, but hear it coming out the of the stereo in my living room (which I have hooked to an AirPort Express) by hitting this little icon.

    Is there a way to enable AirPlay on this phone running iOS 4.1? When I try and Google this, I get errant information for other iOS versions, or how to make the iPhone an AirPlay speaker (which is backwards to what I want, I would like to make the phone *send* the music to my living room AirPort Express).

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
    2011-08-13 04:34 PM