1. dercoun65's Avatar
    newie here. i changed the sms tone with custom made tone. followed all procedures to convert files to aiff to caf; re-spring then change sound.

    then found the sms tones not working. and also realise all the other sound (lock/unlock, camera shutter, keyboard etc) not working a well.

    realise UISounds folder missing from system/library/audio folder. re-create UISounds folder and move all the .caf files back. still not working.

    please help where and what i did wrong. how do i rectify this?

    I'm using 3GS, version 4.2.1, firmware 05.15.04.
    2011-08-26 06:07 AM
  2. dercoun65's Avatar
    sorry if this subject is brough before but i could find any similar subject related to my problem faced. i need help on this. please someone help me. thanks you.
    2011-08-27 03:02 PM