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    Hi , my iphone 3g has had the white frozen screen several times now. It wont turn off unless holding both buttons down.(home/off). Some times it will recover by itself after awhile, have even left it over night and its come good.
    Have had to do a full restore and jailbreak a few times. Can anyone please suggest something , I'm facing another full restore and jailbreak again.
    There is nothing that triggers the white screen ,it just happens.

    iphone phone 3g 4.2.1
    Thanks in advance

    ps even a link that may help????

    after trying nearly everything listed on the web strange enough I got it going.
    put it into dfu mode to boot and held the top right corner screen when apple logo started.
    The logo sat doin nothing for 1 min. or so, decided to plug it into laptop and itunes finally picked it up and screen returned to normal. All well again till next time
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