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    I've been reading alot about terminal, OPENSSH, etc. and still have not found a solution or heard of anyone that is currently working on this problem of mine (and others of course).

    I would like to use Putty on my IPhone at my school campus but everytime I log into terminal and execute the authentication etc. everything goes well. Until I hit the home button then it closes the terminal and I am left unable to connect to the internet (safari).

    Is there a way to have terminal left open on the "background," like minimized that way I an still open up safari and surf the web...?

    Here is what terminal/putty says once i log in:
    1. Type: ssh <userID>@
    Hello <user>. You are authenticated from host "142.#.#.#"
    This means that until this connection closes, you will be held responsible for all network activity originating from this host, so please surf wisely and responsibly.

    You must leave this connection open while you use this proxy, although you may iconize, minimize, lower, or otherwise do what you like to hide this window while you work, as long as you do not disconnect this session.

    DO NOT FORGET to disconnect this session when you are finished.
    Then I click the home button and click safari but still pops up my schools authentication website saying that I need to authenticate myself. Therefore is there a way to keep terminal on like mentioned before?
    2007-10-01 09:34 PM
  2. floffelos's Avatar

    any news on this?
    is there any way to "switch" between open applications without "closing" them with the home button?
    2007-10-04 04:13 PM
  3. Top-Fuel's Avatar
    what i noticed once i get to the point where I authenticate myself....i am unable to do any other functions on terminal....therefore I can't even type the screen commands, it's like the authentication locks up after (if you get what i mean).

    The only solution is "I think" is if you had 2 terminal programs going at the same time, one where I can use the screen command and the other to authenticate if you know what i mean.
    2007-10-04 05:55 PM
  4. icydragon's Avatar
    hmm i have the exact same problem, have you figured out how to solve this problem yet? cuz that'd be fantastic
    2007-10-21 10:27 PM
  5. mazor's Avatar
    I know this is a late response. By since then, we now have a program called "Terminal" which I find in all respects superior to the old "term vt100" program. This program stays alive even when home button is pressed, and also allows for multiple terminal windows to be opened and controlled via gestures.

    Just tested some ssh tunneling using my iphone, and it works perfectly!

    2008-08-13 01:29 AM
  6. BlackWolf's Avatar
    btw, as far as I know if you append a & at the end of your terminal command it will run in the background even if you closed the terminal.

    so try
    ssh <userID>@ &
    which doesn't cause terminal to stay running, but rather ssh (which is actually what you are looking for)
    ... don't know if that's going to work on your network, but I guess it should

    2008-08-13 07:06 PM