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    Pretty much I cannot set a background on my springboard(only lockscreen) I feel lame asking but after failed attempts I have to.

    I can still set a background but it has to be through winterboard and renamed to wallpaper.png([email protected]) themes work as well it's just the native feature of setting a springboard background doesn't work. I'm thinking that there is some sort of cache file but I cannot for life of me find it. I'm running 4.3.3 jb redsnow

    Native setting wallpaper not working.-imageuploadedbymodmyi1317179113.069128.jpgNative setting wallpaper not working.-imageuploadedbymodmyi1317179133.359780.jpg
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    2011-09-28 05:42 AM
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    2011-09-29 10:58 PM
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    With iFile navigate to system>library>core services>springboard.app>N90AP.plist, open with text viewer and look for

    <key>home-screen wallpaper<key>

    Does it say <true/> or <false/>? Make sure it is <true/>
    2011-10-03 03:48 PM
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    I installed another theme and when I did that it cleared something off my springboard so now I can set wallpapers again natively.

    Last time this happened I cleared a cache file and it worked I just couldn't remember what file it was. Your suggestion sounds like a manual way to do it so it would work everytime. Which brings me to ask if a theme can change the permission while installing? Thanks for your help!
    2011-10-03 07:19 PM
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    Glad I helped

    ..and Yes. Permissions/Settings could be changed at install if it was downloaded from Cydia. All you would need to do is just attach a separate file inside one of the folders in the theme containing code telling your iPhone to change the permission/setting or perform whatever task during installation.

    You wouldn't even have to apply the theme in Winterboard to get your permission/setting to work.

    Another thing that might have caused your problem is that some themes install the homescreen wallpapers to *var>stash>wallpaper>iPhone, check that file and make sure it just has your normal wallpapers and doesn't have any wallpapers from Cydia. Don't delete everything in that file, some of it's your default wallpaper.
    2011-10-04 09:10 AM
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    Thanks for your help again.

    You sound like you know your way around iOS pretty well. You should be more active, we always need brains like you. In var/stash/wallpaper/iPhone it has other wallpapers in it that are from cydia. Delete these??
    2011-10-04 03:21 PM
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