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  1. niklasber's Avatar
    I installed the hack "Internet tethering". It let me select my carrier. Now I'm on a new carrier though, and it's not working at all. I cannot even make calls.

    So I wanna either set up the hack for this carrier or reset the carrier profile. I've tried reinstalling the hack but t won't let me choose carrier again. So I guess I should reset the carrier profile somehow... Any ideas how to do so? Or how to choose carrier again?
    2011-09-30 06:08 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    If you ya talking about a hack like piracy I would suggest deleting this post. Warez or any discussion is against the forum rules here
    2011-09-30 06:20 PM
  3. niklasber's Avatar
    It's a hack as in modifying the inner workings of iPhone
    2011-09-30 06:30 PM
  4. vtails's Avatar
    Try reading a thread here for straight talk and iphone,you might need to install a commcenter patch and then edit your carrier.plist OR use the iphone config utilty and put your settings in the advanced mode and have it install the apn settings for you then maybe edit carrier.plist,it's hard to give the info you didnt mention what carrier or model phone and F/W.
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    2011-10-05 11:01 PM