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  1. sillablanca's Avatar
    My mic and speaker don't work when making calls, neither to even when using headphones BUT my and work flawlessly.
    I need a tweak that either forces to use the same audio settings as or an alternative app for making carrier calls.

    Could someone help me?
    Where do people usually look for developers?

    2011-10-20 01:35 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Have you done a restore yet to see if the issue persists?
    2011-10-22 11:58 PM
  3. sillablanca's Avatar
    First of all, Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I've been having this issue since I bought my iPhone (4). I never took it to an Apple Store because I live in Uruguay, South America and there aren't any here.I've rebooted it countless times and also restored with iTunes, (I'm currently on iOS 5) but the problem still remains. Funny thing is every other app that uses the mic and speaker work just fine. Skype, Voice Memo, iPod, etc.

    I thought a tweak porting the audio settings from or Voice to could be a workaround to my problem.

    Please let me know if you can help me or if you have any other idea on how to solve my problem.

    2011-10-23 12:10 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Are you restoring from a backup or setting it up as a new phone?
    2011-10-23 12:33 AM
  5. sillablanca's Avatar
    I've tried both.
    2011-10-23 12:42 AM
  6. i.Annie's Avatar
    Could be something causing conflict...

    Are you jailbroken or no?
    2011-10-23 12:50 AM
  7. sillablanca's Avatar
    I am right now but I've tried restoring it from stock without jailbreaking but it still doesn't work.
    2011-10-23 12:57 AM
  8. i.Annie's Avatar
    I was thinking maybe something you installed for
    Cydia but if it still doesn't work without a jb, that's weird.

    I'm all out of ideas. Have you tried calling Apple? I can't really think of anything to manipulate it to work, personally. Don't know if anyone else has had this issue before without resolving to an exchange.
    2011-10-23 01:02 AM
  9. edhen's Avatar
    hi sillablanca, I thought i would join today and try to overcome a similar problem that someone may hopefully be able to help with. I've had a 3gs for over a year now, I had purchased a car about a month ago that has a stereo which can play music etc from the iphone via usb. recently i started to thumble around the idea to have music and phone calls routed too the car speakers. At first this worked with a 3.5mm cable from the iphone jack to the Aux in on the stereo unit. This seemed messy too me as there is a dock cable running to the usb port and a 3.5mm cable running from the jack to the AUX in port on the stereo. This also required me to switch sources on the stereo unit once i receive or make a phone call so it would route to the speakers as the usb connection doesn't support this method.

    I went to the shops today and found a dock connector which has usb and line out in 1 (i looked everywhere for a line in aswell through ebay and google yet couldn't find one), this enlightened my day as it would eliminate the need for 2 cables connected to my iphone in my car. After testing the cable then making a phone call..... It didnt work lol.. It seems that or some daemon service is switching off certain parts within the dock connector regarding to the line out pins and possibly stopping most audio to pass through the data cable as i don't hear the standard iphone os sounds through the usb source (this may also be the stereo units programming aswell tho). Yet all sounds and phone calls will work through the 3.5mm jack, but i wish to use usb /data as,

    1. it charges my phone.
    2. digital content sounds better than analogue (just like an exact copy off whats in the mp3 itself).

    SO.... I decided to dig in and SSH my phone and visit to hopefully come across a quick fix, I looked in Info.plist, yet nothing struck me to think any changes would make a difference.. The rest off the files are all compiled and wont help in this situation, I was to think about reverse engineering the code, Yet im not experienced in that field and never done it before. But if i was to find a way to have all audio routed to the data cable (usb) then that would just make my day. After reading your post, i am not sure if you are referring to the dock or jack on the phone, but our goals are similar which involves modifying

    If anyone out there knows off a way to make this possible, then please point us in the right direction. I feel the culprit is more off a service / daemon than it is with the itself. I would love to get my hands on the source code for it to re-compile and install my own version, but i don't think this is available anywhere. Also maybe even have a soundchannel hardcoded or something always running through the dock connector too usb, but again i think this is more off a stereo unit issue but i could be wrong....
    2011-10-23 06:33 AM