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  1. Khronnz's Avatar
    I've changed the SMS chat bubbles to blue, but I still have original iOS 5 green send bubble when sending SMS messages. How can I alter this?

    Change SMS send bubble?-photo.png
    2011-10-20 02:50 PM
  2. PoEtikly's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue on iOS 5. I got a few themes working by basically adding @2x~iphone.png to the file names, but the only thing I cannot get to change is the outgoing text bubble. It stays the stock blue, while the incoming text bubble changes to the themed bubble I choose. I tried going into the chatkit folder through iFile/SSH, but it's not in the same location as it was on iIS 4.x. Would you or anybody else know the location of the chatkit folder (that obtains the bubble png's)? If I can find that folder I can go into it and backup the existing stock bubbles, delete them and replace with the png of my choosing and naming it exactly what the stock bubbles were. That will change the bubbles in any theme, but at least ill know where the location is and change them when I want to. Thanks
    2011-10-25 04:36 PM