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    Hi all, new member here, woot woot!
    I installed MobileNotifier **mod edit: no warez** and some apps are not working correctly or rather not launching (e.g. whatsapp is about to launch when screen flashes and phone goes back to SB, app appears launched according to alertsdashboard... Same with facebook,twitter, and bunch of other apps actually).

    I tried uninstalling/removing the package, it automatically asks me to respring so I do, and problems still persists. Furthermore, I tried rebootinf the device (twice) and still no dice. Im very sad about this guys and hope there will be a working solution for this thing.
    Pleasr help anyone?

    Thanks in advance, regards

    Forgot to mention:

    iDevice: iPhone 3gs v.4.3.3
    Firmware: 6.15.00
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    I welcome you to MMi all the same as rule following members, however I ask that you review our forum rules. You can find them at the top, stickied, in the jailbreak forum.

    We don't condone piracy, the repo you listed is prohibited from MMi. Because of that, we cannot help except to tell you that pirated repos and packages are possible culprits of dysfunction. It may not always be the case, but that is the only advice we can give you on that topic.

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