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    Hello guy, whats up?

    I looked everywhere, can find the answer... Im trying to make my lock screen transparent, what i got so far is this:

    Help making my lock sreen ALL clear.-2e3mwc7.png

    Well, now im trying to take of those ugly shadows of the password sreen:

    Help making my lock sreen ALL clear.-2q1cfhh.png

    Is there anyway i can take off those ugly shadows too?


    Btw, im have the 3G with fw 4.2.1, also im on w7 Ultimate 64bits.
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    2011-10-30 03:52 AM
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    please download the following lockscreen from cydia i have made it ages ago and its been tested on iphone 3gs 4.2.1 and should work for you as well. and if you want to change the wallpaper just replace it in the package
    cydia link
    Flower Lockscreen (Best LS ever)

    please also check the comment on the following link. this is the lockscreen i made while spending hours figuring and testing things out.

    2011-11-06 01:49 PM