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    I've been playing around with my lockscreen and have removed the backgrounds from the clock(BarLCD@2x....) and the slider(BarBottomLock@2x...) but am trying to edit the grey(want to make it transparent) inside of the slider but can't seem to find the image to edit. I am on iOS 5. Any suggestions? I added the wall in case anyone would like to have it
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    LOL i had some hard time figuring things out as well and my problem was the clock area. anyway i did manage to find it it and fix it
    and here what iam working on so far and this is still in beta stages.

    i can send you all the files if you can provide me your email. somehow i cant attach them here. and you might also wanna hide the "Slide to unlock" text if you want to have a completely transparent them.

    Lockscreen Slider-d-1-.pngLockscreen Slider-d-2-.pngLockscreen Slider-d-3-.pngLockscreen Slider-img_1140.png

    notice how the key pressed is green. anyway i was also looking to change the number pad http://modmyi.com/forums/file-mods/7...me-keypad.html but i cant find it in the iphone system files
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    Check your messages. I sent you my email. Thank you very much!
    2011-11-06 02:05 PM
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    2011-11-06 02:10 PM
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    sweet! I got the zip! Thank you again so very much!
    2011-11-06 02:16 PM
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    my pleasure!
    enjoy your lockscreen
    2011-11-06 02:19 PM
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    Well I was able to get this far but I still can't get rid of the white. Not sure what I'm missing

    I want to keep the grey arrow but remove the white. Sorry this is my first attempt at modding myself. Forgive my noobness

    I think I found it.

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    its alright, i am still a noob too

    and leet me know if you have solved you problem
    2011-11-07 02:52 AM
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    Could you send me that zip also where would I install it in ifile
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