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    Hi, myself and the staff members for the whited00r project (I am a staff member (RagingNinja) ) are working at importing some iOS 5.x themed toggles into the Other.artwork file. We have so far, successfully created the toggles to look identical to iOS 5.x But it requires Winterboard. We are trying to avoid using Winterboard since it is a Mobile Substrate and will slow down the iDevice's that Whited00r supports. (iPhone 2G-3G and the iPod Touch 1G-2G).

    We have actually successfully imported OTHER images into the "Other.artwork" file, but we are running into some problems. The images we have made for the iOS 5.x toggles, are too large. To my understanding, while using iPhoneShop 3.0 the images we replace, have to be the same exact size (bytes) as the original files we are replacing, or smaller.

    For example.. one of the images we are replacing is the "UISwitchButtonRightShadowed.png". The original file is "636 bytes). The one we have to replace it with is "1.10 KB". We have tried compressing them, but are resulting in image quality loss.

    Is the reason why iPhoneShop 3.0 is telling me that it is not valid to import, is because the replacement files are too large? I have tried modifying the permissions to the Other.artwork file to enable read, and write capabilities. But I don't think that is the issue. Has anyone else successfully modified the Other.artwork file by putting it larger (in bytes, etc) images than the originals?


    P.S If you don't know, the whited00r firmware is iOS 3.1.3 modified to look and somewhat feel like iOS 4.x/5.x

    So to clarify, we are all on iOS 3.1.3

    iDevices needed for this to work on:

    iPhone 2G - iOS 3.1.3

    iPhone 3G - iOS 3.1.3 and or iOS 4.x

    iPod Touch 1G - iOS 3.1.3

    iPod Touch 2G - iOS 3.1.3 and or iOS 4.x
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