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    My photo app is crashing on iOS 5 on my iPhone 4. I have isolated it to the mobile slide show app because I can access the camera roll through the camera app and all other apps that access it can access it as normal. Upon opening the photo app it immediately closes. Is someone able to upload the mobileslideshow folder for an iPhone 4 on iOS 5?
    2011-11-21 12:36 AM
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    Anyone able to upload the folder, or either the bundles or framework folder for the photo app?
    2011-11-24 04:35 AM
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    Do you have whatsapp? Got the Same Problem many Times. Solution was deleting the "Bad formatted picture" e.g. In ifile you will able to See if a Picture has another or a Not existing Format. If so - juste delete and maybe respring or Import a any New Picture to Force you Database to reload.

    Edit: this Error has the Same results. Access via Camera but photoapp crashes. Just try
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    2011-11-26 05:47 PM
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    ok I'll post my mobileslideshow app once I'm done downloading to my computer

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    2011-11-30 11:46 PM