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    i have iphone 4 and i tried jailbreaking ios5 with the wrong redsnow(i think).
    basically when i had to reeboot for cydia icon to appear, cydia did show up and i pressed the icon and as normal and it said it was gathering information(as normal), but as it was doin it i had a sms come through (at top, banner) and the sms icon was blank. anyway after it finished and it went back to the springboard most of my icons was gone including:-
    phone, sms, mail, app store, safari, calender, contacts and even cydia.
    i still have music, stocks, settings, reminders, news stand, weather and reminders.
    when a sms comes through it comes up at the top(banner) but cannot get into sms coz the icon aint there, now iv jus downloaded iphone explorer and cydia is still in there, its just not showing up on springboard.

    i am able to receive calls.
    when i slide my notification centre down and i have sms and try to get to it by touching the sms it comes up this: unsupported url, this url wasnt loaded:sms;/open?groupid=111.
    when i get a missed call and try to call back by touching it, it comes up this: unsupported url, this url wasnt loaded:tel(missed calls no. here)/?dialassist=0.
    when i try look for a contact(in spotlight search) to try call that way it comes up: unsupported url, this url wasnt loaded:search://com.apple.mobilephone/2/93
    someone please help im goin mad without my icons

    its like a command is missing for every icon but wat do i know lol
    2011-11-26 11:37 AM
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    Try to rejailbreak using the right Version of redsn0w without install cydia or check other options. if this doesnt help you can maybe try a app from cydia to get your icons back. I forgot the Name Search for missing icons in cydia. Findmissingfiles app could help too

    You can use the cydiainstall Folder via ssh or ifunbox to install deb-apps

    Oh. God a secon idea. You can try to install winterboard.deb and any theme. You should have themed icons back. Of course its just for now Till you get your right icons back. Maybe... Good luck
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    2011-11-26 06:49 PM
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    thanx but nothing worked, but when i connected to iphone explorer/file explorer cydia and all other files was there but not showin up on screen. thanx again
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    2011-11-27 10:26 PM
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    1.Install/reinstall duplicate icon bug fix
    2.if it is not fix: install/reinstall page bug fix
    3. If it is not fix try to run fs cache
    All the the above tweaks are available in cydia
    4. The attempt go to iphone setting: general; restriction; enable it. Back to setting again unable restriction. Reset homescreen layout. Good luck
    2011-11-29 03:12 PM
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    i sorted it everyone, it was so simple lol. i downloaded iphone explorer and deleted cydia manually and all my icons appeared.
    soooooooo happy lol. thanx for the posts anyway people
    2011-12-19 05:34 PM