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    Hi everyone, so I'm trying to make some minor theme modifications on my iPhone 4. I'm running on 4.2.1, jailbroken.

    I have 2 quick projects I want to do,

    1. is to enable the widget know as LivePhotos (box?). It just runs random pictures that you have on your phone, on one of your home pages.
    I saw it on the Dreamboard theme BoxorHD, but would like it on my default iPhone theme. I used PerPageHTML and activated the LivePhotos widget on one of my pages (page 5), this after copying the LivePhotos Widget folder from Dreamboard/BoxorHD/widgets/LivePhotos, tu PerPageHTML/Widgets using iFile.

    The result is alright I guess, but it just puts photos on my page in the normal size you would have in the Photos app, and pushes them to the top left hand corner. In the BoxorHD theme, these pictures are as in the two following screenshots I found on google:

    The pictures are shown in a rectangle, that makes the widget look really nice, does anyone know what I should do to make this happen? I'm a newbie and have no idea about codes, and all these files I see in the BoxorHD theme folder. Do I need to copy and paste something else in my PerPageHTML Livephoto widget folder?

    2. is simply to be able to make folders/categories in my photo app, without having to go threw iTunes. I think I saw that this is possible now on the iphone 4S, or simply on IOS5. But I4m on 4.2.1 and would like to wait a bit before upgrading and re-jailbraking my iphone. Is there any way to do this?
    I noticed people talking about a Cydia app doing this, but don't really want to pay for something that is free if I just upgrade iOS ./

    Thanks for reading and anything would help!
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