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  1. Obaid03's Avatar
    First i m sorry if this is the wrong section, or already answered some where., i tried to find.
    my cydia was crashing so i googled around and found it can solved by reinstalling.
    so i download the deb file, ssh it in ran the dpkg -i /cydia.deb command but it gives an error..
    Cydia problem..-img_5039.png

    So i am stuck at this end,
    Please help me, I have done some things mentioned here :[GUIDE] Fix Cydia Problems

    If there is no solution, How can i do restore ? i m on 4.3.2, firmware 6.15.00
    2011-12-06 10:24 AM
  2. jdewinnaar's Avatar
    Go to "var/root/Media" and create a new directory called "cydia", inside of it create another new directory called "AutoInstall"..

    Drop your .deb file in the "AutoInstall" folder and reboot your device, after it boots, respring once for good measure..

    Hope that fixes it for you!!
    2011-12-06 11:26 AM
  3. Obaid03's Avatar
    I have done the auto install thing., rebooted and respringed no use.
    2011-12-06 02:24 PM