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    Hey guys, I dunno if this is the right thread to ask this question.
    But I now have the iphone running like a android, and whatnot. But I seen the new droid razr. and I saw a guy hit the lock screen button. And it looked amazing. the screen went down to a small line and to the center and dissappeared. Like an old TV set when you turn it off.

    I wonder if there was anything in cydia that maybe modmyi has that can make the iphone do that?

    And sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

    Im a forum boob.
    2012-01-03 06:05 PM
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    I had it before I think it was called tv tube lemme check I'll post back

    You talking about like the old style tv's huh?

    Tv tube sleep is what's it called
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    2012-01-03 06:20 PM
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    Yes the tv style,. But the android looks so much better, i'm trying to find a video. to show

    skip to 2:00 you'll see it

    IT IS TV TUBE! Thanks 2k1
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    2012-01-03 06:45 PM
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    Worked for ya bud?

    Don't for git to hit the thanks button
    2012-01-03 07:01 PM