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    I dont know how to use it... I just found it wanted to know what you guys thought...

    you can go to: https://github.com/CDTeam/Siri-Proxy

    found it here: Bring Siri To iPhone 4, iPod Touch, H1Siri Hack Released – Download Now!

    But all the read me's are in Chinese... So I have no idea whats going on with it...

    "A hacker group called CDTeam in the past as promised has rolled out their hack of Siri named H1Siri and their integrations of SiriProxy on GitHub. H1Siri app claiming full Siri functionality for the iPhone 4 surfaced now!

    To bring the Siri assistant onto the older iOS devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch, H1Siri was released in December but one Hack to Avoid. CDTeamís H1Siri hack that promises Siri for iPhone, iTouch actually uses illigal software, bricks devices and could also steal your data as well.
    At the time it was available, it was immediately shut down after their services were quickly overwhelmed and that hack gained widespread critisism for using unlicenced code though. Since the time Chpwn and Ryan Petrich have released Spire, a new porting tool came out to installing Siri on the previously unsupported iOS devices, but jailbroken devices; which required your SiriProxy server to work.
    From the GitHub:
    This is a C++ Siri Proxy, allow the developers easily create diffierent powerful plugins of Siri with C++/Dot Net programing languague, and also can sharing the iPhone 4S authentication data to iPhone 4 users."
    2012-01-19 02:19 AM
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    This document is a cd-team of Siri proxy server set up guidelines for documentation

    Before use please read the following and agree to the following terms, otherwise please delete the items involved in any resource!
    1> cd-team to provide the relevant source code, binary distribution files for study and research use only, do not for other purposes.
    2> cd-team does not you use the relevant source code, binary executable files in the process causing damage to the interests and legal disputes arising responsible.
    3> if you use any resources of the project, both as you have accepted the above statement.

    Applicable to the user
    First, you must explicitly set up a proxy server is the starting point. We assume that you belong to the following types of siri learning and research enthusiasts:
    A. You are a small group, set up a proxy server for siri interested in technology, your organization at least one person has iphon4s and willing to share with the rest of the group Friends of the siri bring happiness
    B. You are a iphone4s user, you will develop or already have cd-team of Siri interesting proxy plug-compatible, you want the proxy server is installed on your computer,
    Use your iphone4s of siri to command your computer to do interesting things.

    If you are A, B in any of the user, then congratulations to you, install the proxy server is not the same I believe give you happiness. Of course, if unfortunately you do not meet the above conditions, we
    I believe you are a research firm Siri fans. : P

    Platform and demand
    You need a guzzoni.apple.com the ssl certificate (can generate their own source code package can also use the certificate)

    1.A category of users:
    1> you plan to use mobile data transmission services (such as 3g) to use Siri, then you need a computer with windows server operating system, virtual hosts, virtual host binding
    Domain name, host to a fixed external IP address, and the virtual host support https connections, digital certificates issued for a domain name. This distinction between such users as A1.
    2> you intend to Siri's share is limited to within the LAN (such as corporate LAN, home network, vpn): Siri used to install a server computer, the operating system to windows xp and above,
    What? Your company or windows 2000? # - - # OK, please run it smoothly to a cd-team feedback, thank you! This distinction between this type of user A2.

    2.B category of users:
    Demand is very simple: a personal computer, operating system windows xp and above, a home wireless router.

    Installation and Configuration
    Detailed process description:

    1.A class of users: install the installation package we provide, install mysql (developer version can be, can go to MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server download), then use the MySQL database management tool,
    Create a database called SiriProxy, perform database installation package database script database.sql. Not familiar with MySQL degree can ask your mother. Modify the configuration file (SiriProxySrv.properties or SiriProxySrv4Net.properties),
    Modify the MySQL database connection parameters:
    # A class of users is set to true, B category of users is set to false
    database.mysql.enable = true
    # The database name, generally do not change
    database.mysql.dbname = siri_proxy
    # The user name
    database.mysql.user = root
    # Password
    database.mysql.password = root

    Prepare a server for your domain name in this certificate, if it is a trusted certificate and private key (RSA private key), the certificate of extension is usually crt, assuming your certificate cert.crt, rsa private key rsa. key,
    So, in the configuration file, modify or add the following configuration for:
    openSSL.server.privateKeyFile = $ {application.configDir} rsa.key
    openSSL.server.caConfig = $ {application.configDir} cert.crt
    Please note: If you are not trusted to provide the rsa issued by the agency, then you must cert.crt into the server to connect to various devices in iphone4, so the iPhone4 siri to connect successfully,
    Otherwise, make sure the certificate is issued by credible agencies

    Address information for the server configuration
    #------------------------------ Iphone4s start ----------------- -------------
    # For iPhone4s connected servers using the following configuration information, the server's certificate must be issued to guzzoni.app.com of, iphone4s Once connected to the server, in addition to providing a message forwarding outside, iphone4s
    # Related-key data collected in real time to the server's database, there are key in key database for iphone4 can use to ensure a successful visit to siri server iphone4
    # Port number
    server.iphone4s.port = 443
    # IPv4 or IPv6 address
    server.iphone4s.IPv4v6 =
    # Maximum number of threads the thread pool
    server.iphone4s.threadPool.maxThreads = 512
    # Thread pool minimum number of active threads
    server.iphone4s.threadPool.minThreads = 2
    # Certificate private key
    server.iphone4s.openssl.privateKeyFile = $ {application.configDir} guzzoni.app.com.key
    # Certificate file
    server.iphone4s.openssl.caConfig = $ {application.configDir} guzzoni.app.com.crt
    #------------------------------ Iphone4s end ----------------- -------------

    #------------------------------ Iphone4 start ----------------- -------------
    # IPhone4 connection server for configuration information using the following
    server.iphone4.port = 443
    server.iphone4.IPv4v6 = # the configuration to ensure that values ​​are different with server.iphone4s.IPv4v6
    server.iphone4.threadPool.maxThreads = 2048
    server.iphone4.threadPool.minThreads = 8
    #------------------------------ Iphone4 end ----------------- -------------

    Use iphone4s friends at this time is the time to force, let iphone4s through wifi connection to the internet, will server.iphone4s.openssl.caConfig specified certificate into iphone4s, modify iphone4s of
    The wifi's dns, dns should this need to guzzoni.app.com your virtual host is mapped to the external ip address. Our usual practice is to specify a computer within the LAN D, the computer installed windows 2003 or linux,
    Install dns server for the D (2003 system comes with), linux recommended bind9, can not install the degree of your mother asked. In D, dns server guzzoni.app.com mapped to the virtual host, or with SiriProxy internal LAN ip address of the computer,
    Then iphone4s the dns address to the computer's ip address D can, of course, if you are already iphone4s jailbreak, then what dns are the clouds, you can directly modify the host.

    2.B category of users:
    Class B users can choose not to install the database, therefore, should enable the configuration files inside the mysql database is set to false, as
    database.mysql.enable = false
    Moreover, the user does not need such support iphone4 user's connection, so you can choose not to open the iphone4 server (is that you do not configure multiple ip address of a machine), modify the configuration file corresponding to the field:
    server.iphone4.enable = false

    First, the installation program, then you should ensure your iPhone4s and server computers in the same LAN, the DNS to point at the same time iPhone4s your own DNS service, the DNS server can be a virtual machine,
    In fact, you can use this DNS server through a virtual machine installed on the server and Siri on the same computer, DNS server to do the work is to modify guzzoni.app.com to Siri Proxy server address installation

    Run the server
    Browse to the installation directory, double-click the register.bat, will be registered as a windows service program services, double-click start.bat can start the service, of course, you should find, unregister.bat, stop.bat are off (uninstall) and stop the service
    2012-01-26 04:05 PM