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    I'm responding to a guy whose Parents won't let him connect to his WiFi. Here is the App I'd said I would find.

    It's iWEP PROiWep PRO is an application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allow users check if their routers are exposed to some vulnerabilities.

    Main vulnerability is WEP/WPA key calculation. There are some routers that can be easily hacked just in few minutes. This happens ONLY when router´s factoy settings were not changed. If factory settings were changed, iWep PRO is useless with your router. iWep PRO is based in WEP/WPA calcualtion methods found in internet. You can find them on your own, and check them yourself.

    This application is suposed to be used with your own routers. Application Developers did not support any other use for the application. You will need to be agree before use iWep PRO.

    iWep PRO provides tools to check if your router is exposed to key calculation. Supported routers are detected automatically. So, just select one supported network and wait untill iWep PRO finds, or not, your WEP/WPA key.

    Add the iWazowski source http://iwazowski.com/repo/ to Cydia on iPhone
    Go to "Network" category or search for iWep PRO
    Select "iWep PRO", then tap "Install"
    Don't forget to install dictionaries from the same category "Networks". There are dictionaries from 2005 to 2010.
    If you have made a donation for full access, you must validate the product. (See "Donations" section for more information)
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    2012-01-25 03:28 PM