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    Hi, first I want to say I am an amateur dev and am still learning. I have recently submitted two of my tweaks (scripts) to ModMyi. The first of which, is an iOS 5 Lock Info theme (also script). This theme is geared towards old devices (1st & 2nd gen). This theme applies itself, without the need of Winterboard. Which as I'm sure you all know, is a moderatly heavy mobile substrate that would cause considerable slowdown.

    The second, is a script I call "iCustomize". (Name change coming). It lets you change your lock screen slider text from "slide to unlock" to anything you want. (Requires iOS 4.0+). But my real question... is how do I get Cydia to offer that Restart Springboard or Reboot Device when it finishes installing the package from my repo (or hopefully soon ModMyi)?
    2012-01-28 03:17 AM