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    I am trying to customize my WiFi and 3G indicators on my iPhone 4 5.0.1 without a themeing app. I just want to replace the default png's with ones I created. I was able to find the png files for the wifi indicators inside the settings app but they don't affect the indicators on the status bar. Does anyone know where these png files are, I have searched everywhere!
    2012-02-14 05:39 PM
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    unbelievable...over 500 views with no response. well, I have found the answer:

    xXrkidXx provided the following:

    To change it on iOS 4+ you must use Winterboard. Apple moved the files into a shared.artwork file. You can unpack/repack but you must be very careful... My suggestion is Winterboard.
    That being said, you can and I have extracted, edited, and repacked the [email protected]k file and successfully changed the color of my wifi bars, battery, and carrier signal bars using this tutorial
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    2012-02-15 04:41 PM