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    Well for me the yahoo weather sucks so I wanted to change the source website to sth other than that eg. Accuweather etc

    I know there are hundreds of app around but I am interested in modding the iOS weather app

    Is it possible! Can anybody suggest me the proper guide to it!!

    Thanks !!
    2012-02-17 03:04 AM
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    So many views and no any reply!! Common guys !!
    2012-02-20 05:30 AM
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    pls help me too want to change it or else way to change update interval in yahoo weather app ios 5
    2012-04-12 12:33 PM
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    Had a look using iFile. No yahoo HTML references I could see that linked to weather app. I even navigated to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Weather.framework where the "[email protected]" is located, checked the Info.plist file but no help there or in the "English.lproj" folder which contains a "strings" file. There is code signature and code resources which could direct the action once that yahoo button is pushed? I could be totally wrong too as I don't code. Good luck
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    2012-04-12 03:07 PM
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    I believe its coded into the app. The only way I see possible is a mobilesubstrate add on. None that I know of tho.

    edit* btw, your thread name is misleading... I thought you figured a way to change it.
    2012-04-13 03:07 PM
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    open "var/mobile/library/preferences/ " file with wordpad or else edit in ifile text editor, at starting u will see "AppTimeinterval" below that u have a number,change that no and see if there is any change or not. not confirm but once try that for changing d update interval
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    2012-04-16 02:59 PM
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    open "var/mobile/library/preferences/ " file with wordpad or else edit in ifile text editor, at starting u will see "AppTimeinterval" below that u have a number,change that no and see if there is any change or not. not confirm but once try that for changing d update interval
    I looked at this above Plist file. Open the "" file with a "Plist" file viewer. Go to "cities" then go to the "dictionary" options. By the looks of the dictionary options it is relative to how many pages of cities weather you have. I have 3 cities in my weather app so there is 3 lines of the word "dictionary". If you then go in any of these "dictionary" fields you will then see about 7 fields down "link" this I believe is where the page takes you once you hit the "Yahoo" button. E.g

    This is different for each city of your weather App as the URL will search that city of your weather map. For me I have 3 different cities, so 3 different URLs and 3 "dictionary" options in the Plist file as earlier described. If you can then mod these link fields correctly it should then take you where you want it to and not where Apple does.
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    2012-04-16 08:34 PM
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    I took a closer look and will still say that it's all coded into the app. The "Weather" file, with no extension - just by looking through it with simple note pad looks much like an ARM executable file for IOS. If you have an apropriate editor for such file, granted you have permission to edit (since it is copyrighted, and I doubt that you will get the permission to edit form Apple) than do so, good luck with that.

    What you guys are looking at in .plist files are just generated links that even if altered may just break the app rather than change the source of info. Again I am not sure on this but so far as I can see it is that way.
    2012-04-16 10:03 PM
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    For another thing, Yahoo forecasts are wildly inaccurate in predictable (and therefore correctable) ways. Yahoo London forecasts on iphone continue to be ramdom and unrelated to weather. There is a systematic downward bias on the London summer temperature forecast of about 4 degrees. At most times of day, the forecast high displayed on my iphone is several degrees below the actual temperature, even in the morning. Currently iphone shows london actual 25C, and a maximum of 22C shown on the same screen. The forecast highs are several degrees below those provided by reputable organisations such as the UK met office. This consistent downward temperature forecast bias is a daily summer occurrence and has gone on for years. I have plenty of screencaps. I have tried to post on the simple suggestion that they monitor London forecasts against actuals out-turns and make the necessary bias correction. Despite taking the time, my posts have not been approved by the moderator. It's a pity yahoo weather is provided as a default. It probably explains why they have no incentive to improve the accuracy. I suggest switching to a proper weather app.
    2013-07-31 03:47 PM