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    I am new here and came from an Android background. I have absolute 0 knowledge about iPhone so please tolerate a noob like me! So my Dad gave me his ancient iPhone 3G jailbroken running on 4.2.1. And the home button is spoilt.. Which means I have to press really hard for it to respond. Did some googling and came across iHome, and had no idea how to use it. Any help? Thanks in advance
    2012-03-10 05:41 PM
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    Isn't iHome a speaker system? :P
    I don't believe you are talking about that however, i'll go google it.

    I just downloaded it and it didn't work for me as well. What you could do however is download activator and make it so you can use other touch gestures to lock your screen. If you don't like any of activators default motions belive there are more gestures avalible in cydia.
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    2012-03-11 06:45 PM
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    if you know someone with soldering iron this will help, and if it did just hit the thanks button

    Fix a Broken Home Button on iPhone 3g
    2012-03-13 05:08 PM