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    I want to change the default email authentication to 'Password' from
    'MD5 Challenge-/Response'

    When sending emails out, it always defaults to 'MD5 Challenge-Response' and even if i change it to password, it automatically resets, sometimes even before i have managed to get the email off (usually resulting in 3 copies being sent).

    I could be doing something wrong, but if i could just change the order which may be in a plist or strings file, then it would automatically default to the correct one.

    Any help appreciated, but obviously not major important.

    I should add that i believe that it is buried within the /library/mail/accounts.plist - AuthenticationScheme which currently is set to 'X-APOP' (presumably MD5 Challenge-Response), but if that's the case I need to determine what string to replace it with.

    TIA to all who respond
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    2007-10-03 07:55 PM
  2. laviztor's Avatar
    I've got same problem too! Whats going wrong? Before I using extremely fine~! but dunno why today have same problem as well...
    2007-10-15 04:54 AM
  3. racerx_'s Avatar
    i suddenly started receiving an "X-APOP authentication" error on my iphone when checking mail, and when i went to settings couldn't change the authentication settings (always reverted to MD5)..

    so after a lot of searching on the net, it seems sometimes the mail account can get corrupted.. the fix? delete the account, and re-add it.. now it works like a charm!
    2007-11-07 02:49 AM
  4. delgado898's Avatar
    i also would like to know how to put hotmail on the iPhone
    2007-11-13 06:48 PM