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    Hi guys

    First of apologies for the double post. As I have asked this question in a theme thread but nobody got back to me, so I was hoping I would get more joy here.

    As most of you know all the new themes and widgets come with the use of WallpaperJpegifier, lockscreenjpegifier or weatherjpegifier. Well it does not seem to work properly for me, and for some reason when I chane the wallpaper in the themes or widgets it does not change. Anyway to cut a long story short I would like to know what line I would need to edit in the widget or theme so I could just manually change the wallpaper in the settings app. I have tried editing a couple of strings but I either end up with no widget at all or I end up with the widget and no wallpaper with the little box with a question mark.

    So I would like to edit the string so I either have no wallpaper for the widget or a transparent one so I can chane the wallpaper from the setting. Hope this makes sense and hope somebody more intelligent than me can help.

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    2012-08-24 07:46 AM