1. Dr Joepa's Avatar
    I had 61 Notes vanish. Tried everything and last resort called Apple Senior Tech Service Advisor.
    He work on the issue for week and said he found them
    In an older backup of mine. Told me he would figure out
    How to put em back on my phone but alas no go.
    He said very complicated.
    I Googled and found paid app: " iPhone Backup Extractor" @ $24.00. Bought it and was able to review all iPhone backups on my PC. I found the missing Notes; made a folder on desktop and copied all. Read each not and sellected the ones I really needed then put them back on
    my iPhone by hand copying each one back to iPhone Notes app. Time consuming but not to bad.
    Real glad to have em back. $24.00 worked for me.
    Dr Joepa
    2012-08-26 03:33 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Mahalo, nice find.
    Welcome to MMi
    2012-08-26 04:05 AM