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    Hey I wanted to know if someone could make me a slider and post it on cydia so i can download it , i will really appreciate it and i will not be the only one haha
    with this png:

    A lot of people will like it , it is a soccer team in morocco , thank you
    2012-09-06 01:59 AM
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    Anyone please i will really appreciate it :$ and sorry for my english
    2012-09-08 05:47 AM
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    Oh well thanks anyway :$
    2012-09-25 08:25 PM
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    The slide to unlock thing?
    I could do it but i couldn't get it onto cydia only give it to you as a file you could use yourself in winterboard.

    Tested and works on my 4S - it may not line up well because i have changed many other UI elements .... place into your Winterboard Theme\Bundles\com.apple.TelephonyUI directory, create it if it doesn't exist.

    Request for a slidder-bottombarknobgray-2x.png

    EDIT: Sorry i attached wrong lockscreen image - but it does work.....
    Attached Thumbnails Request for a slidder-img_1197.png  
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    2012-09-26 04:54 AM
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    omgg thanks a lot hehe but the only problem i dont understand how to put it on my iphone :$
    2012-09-30 01:49 AM
  6. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Here is a video that should help you SSH files to your device.
    2012-09-30 01:54 AM