1. tsGuardians's Avatar
    So I'm not sure what I did to my phone, but all of a sudden, it started showing the sbsettings toggles (Data On, Data Off, 3G On, 3G Off etc...) as a banner instead of the "alert" that it usually shows.

    I actually really like it, so I want to replicate it on my iPad. Problem is, I'm not sure how it happened in the first place...

    iPhone 4, 5.1.1

    Below are pictures of what the banners look like.

    I suspect it has something to do with Activator, but I'm not sure how to replicate it etc. I'm using Rpetrich's repo, Activator 1.7.0~beta 2.

    Thanks for any help
    2012-09-18 04:46 AM
  2. Alfroggy's Avatar
    Yes, it is the latest Activator which causes this.
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    2012-09-21 12:03 PM