1. Chaingun's Avatar
    Never made my own mod before so I'm not sure where to start, basically I'd like to have the slide to unlock on the lock screen control the progression of an animated image in the center of the screen. Like a spinning gear or something similar any ideas where to start?
    2012-09-18 04:41 PM
  2. Aiban's Avatar
    So you want the slide to unlock to animate if i understand this? And as you slide your finger ... the icon will animate? or that is static but the rest of the background would animate?
    That sounds really complex, and i'm fairly certain that hasn't yet been done on an iphone (or any other phone for that matter)
    2012-09-26 06:16 AM
  3. Chaingun's Avatar
    exactly, as you slide to unlock, the background image would run through an animation
    any idea how i can pull that off?
    2012-10-03 01:34 AM
  4. Aiban's Avatar
    No, i don't think it is possible, and i don't think anyone has made such an app, maybe request such a thing?
    2012-10-03 08:09 AM
  5. Chaingun's Avatar
    Not even sure where I would go to request such a tweak, or even if it's possible, i just thought after seeing the way the screen changes with a swipe up to unlock tweak that maybe it could be done.
    2012-10-05 11:22 PM