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    Hello ... I tried to replace the newsstand and the icon came out fine but when I open up the newsstand, the two sides haven't changed color. There is also a problem at the top where it says "Newsstand" as it retains the original color. (see image below)

    What I did was copy all the files in the "springboard.app" folder inside of my Touch (iOS 5.1.1) that started with "newsstand" over to my desktop. Then I changed every file's color using Photoshop and saved as a copy. I didn't change any file names. Then using iFunbox, I placed all the changed files into the bundles/com.apple.springboard folder inside of the winterboard theme. As you can see, all the files show up fine except for the left and right parts. I believe these are the two files that make up the right/left of the newsstand:


    They are correctly modified in the set of files and placed in the winterboard theme. So why do the sides show up brown? And how do I fix the Newsstand type at the top? Anyone have any ideas?

    Need help fixing this newsstand-img_0042.png

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