1. dpapag's Avatar
    I can't seem to find my /var folder when using ifunbox classic or iexplorer under the raw file system on the iphone 5. Does the phone have to be jailbroken to see this folder?
    2012-10-16 03:02 AM
  2. vtails's Avatar
    I just d/l the new version of ifunbox today,it's nice new gui with the extra feature's,as I read from the posted update's it say's you don't have to J/B.I havent had a chance to go though what it will do without being jailbroke,
    What folders is it showing I don't have an i5,Maybe try D/L ibotbackup and compare the two.I would be interested to find outdon't they have tips and help page where you might get some info?
    2012-10-19 01:22 AM