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    okay so what i wanted to do is some how make something along the lines of this Changing the slide to unlock bar and slider????-sc20110619-001117.png as my iphone slide to unlock, so can someone please help me out, i believe i just need the location of the slide to unlock bar i know where the slider is already,... this may be able to be accomplished via a cydia tweak but i want to do it myself so thanks in advance for any help.
    2012-11-24 09:36 PM
  2. DemonoidMaster's Avatar
    So what are you asking? To recreate that whole LS style? Or you just want to be able to use that puzzle styled unlock for your LS but keeping everything else unthemed?

    If you just want to be able to do a "fit puzzle piece to unlock" kinda thing then you need to find the tweak that does this..

    Ps: all LS resources are in /var/stash/themes.xxxxxx/yourthemehere.theme/bundles/com.apple.telephonyui

    Just make a custom theme (make it exactly like above) and use winterboard

    If not then search for this theme on cydia, install and then apple via winterboard (make sure the LS theme is at top of list in winterboard
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    2012-11-28 05:34 PM