1. OliverW's Avatar
    I'd like to change the UI Images used for the alerts - the glossy blue popups that tell you not to do things etc. Anyone know where they're hiding?
    2012-12-19 04:38 PM
  2. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    What version iOS and iDevice...a screenshot helps as well.
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    2012-12-20 09:24 AM
  3. OliverW's Avatar
    iPod touch 2nd Gen (my only jailbroken iDevice) running 4.2.1. Not my screenshot, but the thing I was talking about.
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    2012-12-20 05:54 PM
  4. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    That image is made up of 3 images in iOS 5 and is apart of the Shared@2x.artwork file or main UI the iOS uses.

    Again in iOS 5 the images are called


    UIPopupAlertSheetBackground (UNDO)@2x.png


    I'm sure this should still be similar in the iOS 4 artwork side of things but might be slightly named differently. Apple likes to keep themers on their toes by altering the filenames.

    See how you go.
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2012-12-20 09:28 PM