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    I've spent the last few days doing plenty of research on google and various forums related to my question but I haven't come across anything really asking what I am so I apologize in advance if someone has already resolved this.

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 4S 5.1.1 and what I would essentially like to do is give one contact many ringtones. You might be asking, "Why? Won't you get confused on who's calling you?" No...I remember this sort of thing all the time and would never confuse any of them. As it stands now I have a plethora of song ringtones I've downloaded and there are a handful of songs that remind me of (for example) Contact A, then a bunch of different ones that remind me of Contact B. With that in mind I get phone calls from these contacts frequently and I'm tired of hearing the same song every time they call.

    Is there any known tweak/hack/app that will somehow let me assign many ringtones (I don't care if they rotate sequentially or randomly when the contact calls) to just one person? I know I could just change that person's ringtone manually every day or weekly...but what's the point of having a phone that's capable remotely controling a computer if it can't be made to do something as minimal as what I'm looking for?

    Thanks in advance for any help/guidance!
    2012-12-21 03:31 PM