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    Hi. I have an Iphone 4S, jailbroken, on IOS 5.11.
    My address book has completely vanished. The ITunes backups are hopelessly out of date. Someone attempted a disk dump for me, but realised its encrypted. However, i'm running a voicemail app called Hullomail (from the AppStore). I've noticed whenever I check hullomail for missed calls and to listen to voicemails, it is displaying the phone numbers along with the names and images that were present on my old deleted Addressbook. I have asked hullomail and they somewhat cryptically deny that hullomail stores contacts. Eg I get called by 07283828181, on the actual iPhone contacts app it will just show the number but on hullomail it will display as 'Carmen', which would have been the name on the deleted address book
    Am I going crazy or must there be a way that hullomail has kept a copy of the contacts locally? I've SSH'd into my phone and searched the hullomail folder, as well as looking at my Addressbook.sqlite which is empty & only 200kb or so.
    Would anyone be able to offer insight into where apps that sync with your Addressbook/contact list, might be storing their data and how to access it? Or could anyone be kind enough to suggest any other solutions for data recovery (factoring in I apparently can't recover from the diskdump???).

    Teresa x
    2013-01-23 03:24 PM
  2. imanono's Avatar
    Try restoring from an iCloud backup
    2013-01-24 08:03 AM