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    Hey, I tried looking for iMessage, or SMS color changer, so I can change the color of my text messages, but they dont seem to work. I decided since I feel pretty strong on my own, I opened WinSCP, and found where the text bubbles where located, and dragged them onto my desktop, thinking I could open them in photoshop, do a quick edit, and boom theres my forever cool message bubbles, but no. When I dragged them to my desktop, the thumbnail is just completely black, and when I open the image in photoshop, or a image browser, nothing is there. And when I say nothing is there, theres really appsolutly nothing.

    Is there any way I can change that, or could someone possibly give me a photoshop PSD of the iOS 6 message bubbles?

    Thanks guys!
    2013-03-06 11:30 PM
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    Sure here you go, here is a small pack of different colored bubbles that I made for myself. They're based on the official iOS bubbles, all I did was tweak the colors in Photoshop, you should be able to tweak these into any shade you want. Sized for iPhone 4+ with Retina screen only.

    MEDIAFIRE: iPhone Custom Color Chat Bubbles Pack (Retina).rar

    If you want to make Winterboard themes so you can toggle colors on the fly create your theme folder, then put your 3 balloons (Incoming, iMessage, SMS) in the following folder:

    <Theme Name.theme>/Folders/ChatKit.framework

    Then transfer the .theme folder to /var/Stash/Themes.xxxx and it wil show up in Winterboard.

    If you just want to directly replace the files in iOS without using Winterboard you can simply replace the files in:


    As for the icons being black, it's a common issue with iOS .png files, usually the channels just need to be flipped and then they'll be visible in Windows. Here's a tool that I found and saved ages ago when I started messing with iOS themes and icons:

    MEDIAFIRE: iphone-fixpng.rar

    You put the icons that you want fixed in the "png" folder, then run iPhoneFixPng.exe and click Convert and it will flip the channels of the image and output the fixed files to the "fixed" folder.

    (You don't have to worry about flipping the channels back when you're done, you can leave them so they're visible in Windows and put them on the iPhone and they'll work fine.)
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