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    Hello, this mod is for those of you with BiteSMS that send out scheduled messages. Now it can be a Happy Birthday to someone in-case you forget, or a sweet message to a special someone that they will see when they wake up while you sleep.

    BiteSMS has a feature in the app, that iOS should adopt into it's standard SMS app, that allows you to send scheduled messages to anyone. However BiteSMS comes up short b/c you can only schedule each message within 5 minute increments.

    Add minute by minute increments to BiteSMS scheduled texts.-img_1174.png

    Now that might not be a major problem for some people but let's say you want to appear as a sweetheart to a special girl or guy by sending them Good Morning every morning. Sooner or later they might catch on with all of your messages coming in at X:20 or X:45 all the time. Having messages at X:22 or X:47 would seem more realistic.

    There is a way to achieve this.

    Obviously if you have BiteSMS you are already jailbroken. (Not sure if this works with any other Cydia messaging app)

    - Of course BiteSMS
    - iFile
    - iCleaner

    Step 1.
    The first thing you will need to do is download a Cydia tweak called "Every Last Minute". It is free in the BigBoss Repo.
    Add minute by minute increments to BiteSMS scheduled texts.-img_1175.png

    Every Last Minute is a tweak that does exactly as it sounds except it is only for the Calendar app. We will fix that.

    Step 2.
    Once you have the tweak downloaded, open iFile and navigate to
    Library > MobileSubstrate > DynamicLibraries

    Once inside the DynamicLibraries folder navigate to the EveryLastMinute.plist file and open it using the property viewer.
    Add minute by minute increments to BiteSMS scheduled texts.-img_1171.png

    Step 3.
    Once inside the plist file navigate to
    Dictionary > Array

    Now you will see the list of bundle(s) there. There should only be one, "com.apple.mobilecal" that's the Calendar app. We are going to add BiteSMS under it.
    Add minute by minute increments to BiteSMS scheduled texts.-img_1172sa.png

    Step 4.
    Hit the add button in the bottom right corner of iFile. The 'Add Item' screen will appear telling you to select which type. Add a 'String', will be selected by default so don't change it, and then press create.

    An empty cell tab will be added with the number 1 on the left side, select the cell tab and you will be prompted to enter the bundle name.

    This part is important. You are going to add the bundle name of BiteSMS. Add this, without the parenthesis and case-specific:

    After that go back and you will see the BiteSMS bundle added.
    Add minute by minute increments to BiteSMS scheduled texts.-img_1172.png

    Step 5.
    Open iCleaner and hit clean in the top right corner. iCleaner will then complete some cleaning tasks and then respring your phone.

    And that is it!

    After your device is back from the respring go into your BiteSMS app and compose a scheduled text message and you should now have minute by minute increments for your settings.
    Add minute by minute increments to BiteSMS scheduled texts.-img_1173.png

    There you go. Now you can make them believe you actually woke up just to text them in the morning when you really did it before you went to bed Enjoy.
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