1. JPili's Avatar
    Where can I find the preferences file for Gridlock 2.0? Some of my apps are hidden (and I can't get them to appear) when I have Gridlock 2.0 installed.
    2013-03-12 03:23 PM
  2. ninersfan's Avatar
    It will not answer to your question by I installed gridlock and it slowed down like hell my iPhone 4 @ios6.1.2.
    I'm now using customgrid. Much more better.
    2013-03-12 03:34 PM
  3. JPili's Avatar
    I tried it. It doesn't even do what Gridlock does..
    2013-03-12 03:53 PM
  4. ninersfan's Avatar
    Really? For me customgrid has more options. What gridlock does that custom grid doesn't?
    2013-03-12 07:08 PM
  5. JPili's Avatar
    You can't put the icons anywhere on the "grid". The only thing that gridlock has but customgrid doesn't.
    2013-03-12 07:13 PM
  6. ninersfan's Avatar
    With custom grid you can choose the number of rows/column so if you choose the same number that standard values you should be able to have the same options no?
    2013-03-12 08:23 PM
  7. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    Nav to


    Look for the "Gridlock" LIST file.

    That file once opened in iFile will show all the files & directories where Gridlock is installed into.

    See how u go
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    2013-03-13 12:55 PM
  8. ninersfan's Avatar
    And does gridlock slow down your phone also? For example in any app I need to push like 3 or 4 times home buttons to go back to springboard.
    2013-03-13 01:05 PM