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    hi modmyi

    i dont know if anyones heard of this but dietbar as mention on the title, it thins down the top navigation bar giving more viewing space for apps.

    Dietbar - thinner top nav bar-dietbar.png


    it was released along ago by the developer Rya Petrich.

    i am currently using iphone 4s on ios 6 and it still works but it does have some minor issues like:

    on Whatsapp theres a gap in between the keyboard and the top section where text is inputted

    Dietbar - thinner top nav bar-img_0236.png

    and on the new youtube app and maybe others too, when typing on the search bar, inputted text while still typing, the text disappears underneath it and out of site

    Dietbar - thinner top nav bar-img_0237.png

    Now i have had a word with Ryan Petrich couple of months ago and he said he cant update the tweak as he hasnt got enough time on his hand and that his left it as a open tweak and that anyone can carry on and improve it if need be.

    I am not skilled in these programing nor have knowledge of any sort of coding to undertake a challenge like this... My reason for this post is to seek out a skilled coder who can update this tweak so its compatible with the ios 6, of course if you need permission of ryan petrich ( not that i know him personally ) i will get another confirmation and post it here.

    so please can someone be able to update this please

    !zy, thanks
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